We are expanding into the digital space.

Rare Effect Vol. 3 – Crypto Art Festival returns to Arroz Estúdios

Rare Effect challenges and explores the relationship between physical and digital space, creating a bridge to the metaverse. The festival will feature more than 90 national and international artists, including interactive installations and performances, with virtual reality, augmented reality, light installations and sculptures. The program also features 10 days of music, with recognized artists, panels on crypto art, Web3 and cryptocurrencies.

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Vicente Ramos # Residency project

Vicente Ramos @o.vicente.ramos Residency period: June – July 2022 Bio: originally from Brazil, Vicente graduated in performing arts, majoring in theater direction. His work is

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Pedro Queirós # Residency project

Pedro Queirós cargocollective.com/pedroqueiroswork/info @pedroqueiroswork Residency period: April – May 2022 Bio: Pedro Queirós has a degree in Multimedia Design from ESAD in Caldas da Rainha

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Planting A.I.R Open Call

[English version below]  O Arroz Estúdios é uma associação cultural com sede no Beato, em Lisboa. Oferecemos estúdios de trabalho para artistas emergentes e espaços

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Heverton Report #1

After our meeting I used a few days to organize my calendar.On August 12 I did my first tests in the studio experimenting with voices

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