For our 9th event at Arroz Estúdios, <TRAFKA.: NITE>, will be running from 17h00 to 22h30 with a tasty line-up.
Summer is at its peak, and we want to party (even if it’s on the chair)!
~~ LINEUP ~~
Bunny O’Williams started making her way in the Lisbon underground scene in 2010, as one half of the DJ duo Twisted Sisters. It spreads the raw energy of rock & roll a little everywhere, both inside and outside Portugal. From Lisbon’s complete circuit, from the forgotten “pardieiros” (not derogatory) to known chapels like Rive Rouge, Lux, Incógnito… and festivals like Nos Alive to Barcelona’s Nasty Mondays, followed by Hell Fest (France), Paranoid (Berlin), and a series of other appearances, the journey continues, and her ethos remains the same: breaking barriers and joining the dots between different cultures and musical styles.
With a parallel path in the visual arts, George Silver is first and foremost a musician. For the last few years we have been used to seeing him restless and impulsive, developing multiple projects and alter egos, also integrating others such as Lunnar Lhamas or Barata Cósmica. He is one of the creative minds of publishers such as Panama Papers and Linha Amarela, and now presents himself in a live-act format, where he navigates through a sea of arpeggios and beats, at the command of the machines that make up his control panel.
BODY MATRIX (djset b2b)
DOORS OPEN 17h00 – Entrance: 7€ + 3€ (membership)
the event has a limited number of people, you can make your reservation through facebook sending your full name by message.
e-mail: trafka.studio@gmail.com or instagram @trafkastudio
Medidas Covid-19:
– Uso obrigatório de Máscara na Entrada, nos Bares, WC e Zonas de Circulação
– Mantenha uma distância física mínima de 1,5m.
– Lave as mãos com a maior frequência possível
– Se não se sentir bem ou se tiver uma temperatura elevada, por favor permaneça em casa
Covid -19 measures:
– Please use a mask.
– When queuing at the bar or toilet please keep 1,5m distance.
– Wash your hands as often as possible.
– If you feel unwell or have a high temperature, please stay home.
O Arroz Estúdios é uma associação cultural sem fins lucrativos, uma adesão é necessária para entrar. O custo de adesão é de € 3 com a duração de um ano.
Arroz Estúdios is a non-profit cultural association, a membership is required to enter.
Membership cost is €3 and lasts one year.