Kosmo Kollektive

Seated event // limited capacity
To all the DREAMERS out there:
A kosmic adventure that will catapult our heads into the clouds as we salute the ● MOON ●
For our third conclave, we have the founder of MCDE & Faces Records, Pablo Valentino and TWO SEASONED KØSMØNAUTS lined up for you…
In the true adventurous spirit of his Kenbun radio show, Faces Records & MCDE imprint, Pablo Valentino is all about good music period. May it be jazz/hip hop, boogie/disco, house/broken beats…but always trying to explode and explore the boundaries between all creating patterns past, present and future.
📻 https://soundcloud.com/faces-records
📻 https://soundcloud.com/mcde-recordings
One who is on the constant search for that perfect rhythm. One who has been playing the stars from the sky for us for almost 30 years. An eclectic DJ, sound designer, and tireless music curator. Mike Stellar never fails to bewilder his crowd and will unquestionably take you on a kosmic journey during this special night.
📻 https://soundcloud.com/mike-stellar
A person who tends to space out often. He or she does not respond when directly spoken to. The Space Kadett is not necessarily a person of low intelligence or a heavy drug user, but rather one who is so easily lost in music that he or she loses all awareness of the surrounding physical world.
📻 https://soundcloud.com/space-kadett
See you Saturday at Arroz Estudios from 5 PM. We charge €5 at the door for this musical spectacle to cover the costs for i.e. the artists, deco and printing artwork.
Medidas Covid-19:
– Uso obrigatório de Máscara na Entrada, nos Bares, WC e Zonas de Circulação
– Mantenha uma distância física mínima de 1,5m.
– Lave as mãos com a maior frequência possível
– Se não se sentir bem ou se tiver uma temperatura elevada, por favor permaneça em casa
Covid -19 measures:
– Please use a mask.
– When queuing at the bar or toilet please keep 1,5m distance.
– Wash your hands as often as possible.
– If you feel unwell or have a high temperature, please stay home.
O Arroz Estúdios é uma associação cultural sem fins lucrativos, uma adesão é necessária para entrar. O custo de adesão é de € 3 com a duração de um ano.
Arroz Estúdios is a non-profit cultural association, a membership is required to enter.
Membership cost is €3 and lasts one year.