Lisbon Hackathon – NEAR City Node

We now present the Lisbon NEAR Hackathon running online and locally at Arroz Estúdios, between the 27th Aug and 11th of September.
Get your ideas, applications and hacks ready to use the NEAR Protocol Ecosystem!
We also have a very specific challenge to be hacked, presented by Arroz Criativo with up to 5000 $ Prize money.
“Creating a Use Case for Social Tokens”
PDF Document about the Hackathon happening in Lisbon.
Check it for all and more details!
Register for the Hackathon here!
*Hack Nodes and NEAR Community*
Connections in the modern world, particularly over the last 18 months, have been made with cables and signals. With our upcoming string of Hackathons, the NEAR Community is set to change that! We’d like to bring people together. Are you ready to support a global network of creators, hackers, and builders around the world?
NEAR is putting together a series of Global Hackathons around the world. The Global Hackathon Series kicks off on August 27th, with 3 major online hackathons and ‘in-person’ events happening around the world.
– What is a Hack Node:
Hack Nodes are community-run in-person events in different cities around the world (with one Hack Node per city). These nodes are set to kick off and activate the series of hackathons. Every city is different with its own culture and vibe, and we’d love to see this reflected through your nodes. We want to support multiple nodes around the world, with prizes, rewards and so much more!
NEAR is offering up to $1 million in prizes and rewards for the Hackathons. More info here:
(Texts: Rebecca Hallquist)
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