Rare Effect Vol2: Mazarin & Live Jam

Rare Effect Vol2 & Art Progression Now Presents:
19h Mazarin
20:30 – 22h30 Live jam
Seated event / Limited capacity
— Rare Effect vol2: an NFT Festival —
Rare Effect vol2 is a 10-day cultural program, featuring a digital crypto art NFT exhibition and live music performances. It will happen physically at Arroz Estudios in Lisbon and virtually in the metaverse developing the portal between physical and digital arts.
The event will combine 2D & 3D digital displays, AR & VR exhibits, as well as performance art and live-streamed music acts.
— Art Progression Now —
Rare Effect Vol 2 is curated by Art Progression Now, a borderless collective working towards open, fair and distributed support systems for artists.
Medidas Covid-19:
– Por enquanto, pedimos que permaneçam sentados durante o evento
– Uso de Máscara na Entrada, nos Bares, WC e Zonas de Circulação
– Nas filas para da Entrada, Bar e WC mantenha uma distância mínima de 1,5m
– Lave as mãos com a maior frequência possível
– Se não se sentir bem ou se tiver uma temperatura elevada, por favor permaneça em casa
Covid -19 measures.
For now, we kindly ask you to remain seated during the events
– You need to wear a mask at all times, it’s only allowed to take it off when sitting.
– When queuing at the bar or toilet please keep 1,5m distance.
– Wash your hands as often as possible.
– If you feel unwell or have a high temperature, please stay home.