Peekaboo Records presents: Stella Zekri + Trol2000

Stella Zekri is a Berlin based vinyl DJ and vocalist, blending her love of club music, disco, jazz and hip hop into her dynamic, genre defying sets.
Known for long vinyl sessions where every song is a statement, she is unafraid to jump between tempos, genres or moods. Every song in Stella’s set is something she has found, loved and insists you come along for the ride.
Cutting her teeth at some of Berlin’s most iconic venues, including Griessmuhle, Funkhaus, About blank and Wilde Renate; she soon become a must-have booking for some of the city’s biggest and most beloved Queer parties, including CockTail D’Amore, Buttons.
She has also graced the stages of local and international festivals such as NAtion of Gondwana, Fusion Festival, and Meadows in the Mountains.