Rare Effect Vol2- NFT Festival

— Rare Effect vol2: an NFT Festival —
Rare Effect vol2 is a 10-day cultural program, featuring a digital crypto art NFT exhibition and live music performances. It will happen physically at Arroz Estudios in Lisbon and virtually in the metaverse developing the portal between physical and digital arts.
The event will combine 2D & 3D digital displays, AR & VR exhibits, as well as performance art and live-streamed music acts.
The program includes artworks from burst, Gene Kogan, Sean Mick, Miguel Rodrigues + Grandpa’s Lab, Sylvain Souklaye & Will Da Costa, as well as performances from Mim Suleiman, Mosca, Ransom Note (w/ Bawrut, Lakuti & Manfredas), Violet b2b Photonz & DAO Records.
Throughout the exhibition, visitors will be able to interact with the art on display, installations and performances through the use of decentralised finance (crypto currencies) and a digital wallet to play around with crypto-economics concepts.
The festival seeks to raise awareness of the current existential threat facing grassroots cultural associations & DIY music venues. The aim is to directly support the venue and contributing artists by facilitating the sale of digital art through tokenized digital certificates of provenance, commonly known as NFTs. As such, artist submissions have been peer reviewed by the community and any proceeds from the exhibitions will go towards supporting further cultural initiatives.
— Program —
Full Program Coming Soon
— Art Progression Now —
Rare Effect Vol 2 is curated by Art Progression Now, a borderless collective working towards open, fair and distributed support systems for artists.
— Contingency —
The physical exhibition will be available to visit according to the local regulation as capacity limits and hygienic measures.