The Tourorists: Emergency Emergence Party 2021

Dear friend and person.
As you might know, during this year’s perpetual, never-ending two-week lockdown (and thanks to all your love, support, and money) The Tourorists were able to successfully release their first official Extended Play (aka, EP): !
But, as everyone knows, for a release to have even the slightest significance for all involved, physical presence is key. And so, we now cordially invite you to come celebrate the re-release of ‘Enhanced Interrogation in a Fun-Sized Can’, plus the first official live performance by The Tourorists of 2021, in 4D!
We are also honored to announce that friends and very special guests Digitvl Blvck — without whose love, support, and Trafka studio, our first EP would not be possible — will be joining us on the turntables for this special occasion!
We look forward to celebrating summer, freedom, and release with each and every one of you. But get your tickets early, because death is still, unfortunately, everywhere and, therefore, space is limited (plus, we’re, like, famous now…).
Stay safe, stay sane, stay alive, and até ja!
Love and likes,
The Tourorists.