Nkaka Sessa # Residency project

Nkaka Sessa



Residency period: February – March 2022

Bio: Nkaka is a musician (composer, rapper) born in Angola and raised in the south area of Lisbon and one of the driving forces behind the 2825 | 2GTO project, which works to emancipate the image and voice of the Trafaria community. He’s also an Accounting student at ISCAL, Lisbon.

Residency purpose: For the 2 months of residency, Nkaka proposed to record his first solo EP and launch it on streaming platforms. 

Outcome and involvement with NEAR – Protocol: Nkaka’s EP was launched in March 2022, in a live concert at Arroz Estúdios. Within the NEAR community, Nkaka created West Coast, an event directed towards Hip Hop culture, with the main goal of promoting emerging artists residing in the Almada/Trafaria area. This event was created with the goal to introduce this new reality (blockchain) to locals and also build a community decentralized from conventional media (social media).