Pedro Queirós # Residency project

Pedro Queirós


Residency period: April – May 2022

Bio: Pedro Queirós has a degree in Multimedia Design from ESAD in Caldas da Rainha and between Lisbon, Braga and Castelo de Vide, where he develops his work as a visual artist, exploring the area of sculpture through ceramics, jewelry and mixed media, as well as the area of digital. media and their intersections.

Residency purpose: Pedro proposed to create, as a curator and also as a digital artist, an art gallery platform dedicated to NFT’s, built on NEAR – Protocol, essentially focused on queer artists. This project arised from a need and urgency to gather works specifically from queer artists and represent them on the crypto art sphere. 

Outcome and involvement with NEAR – Protocol: 

A digital art gallery, bringing together artworks from queer artists.

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