Planting AIR resident – Jo Kalagary

Jo Kalagary (1987) is a Brazilian artist and cultural producer, now based in Lisbon. The artist’s been working in cultural production, events idealization and artistic presentations for a long time, including Favela LX  that once was a bar and a performance venue that promoted diversity and representativity. 

Favela Lx also promoted open talks and a stage for minorities to have a voice in a collaborative way, touching on issues such as racism, xenophobia, LGBTQphobia and misogyny.  In 2018, Favela LX has closed the physical space due to financial struggle and gentrification but the project has survived and it is bearing fruits and collaborations. 

As an artist Kalagary is interested in addressing the black body and the African diaspora in his works of performance, collage, painting and installation. For the context of the residency, Jo intends to create a series of NFTs and a physical installation about ancestry and African spiritual concepts.