Rare Effect celebrated 25 years of Boom Festival

Imagine you’re a geologist, millions of years from now, excavating remains from our planet and civilization… What would you discover?

RareEffect on Boom Festival

Imagine you’re a geologist, millions of years from now, excavating remains from our planet and civilization… What would you discover?

Rare Effect was invited by the Boom Festival Team to take the new vision for the ”The Envisionary Art Lounge”, featuring an NFT collection. All artwork was focused on this year’s festival theme “The Anthropocene”, a geological era in time marked by significant human impact on Earth’s geology and ecosystems.

This new approach to psychedelia and decentralization was embraced by the Boom Festival’s fine arts program, welcoming a collection of 25 NFT artworks that were displayed on screens at the festival’s art gallery.

Altogether, Boom Festival held more than 450 hours of music and brought artists from 430 countries in a total of 40.000 attendees. Although many Boomers were still unfamiliar with NFTs art, we also took as our role to educate people on this matter, showing all different kinds of NFTs that were presented and answering all the questions that may appear during the exhibition. 

We highlight some Boomers favorites like “Rainbow Portal”, from Burst, that presented a piece where a world indescribable unveiled in front of our eyes. Or “Inner Eye” from Fiuman, that represents the deep connection between art and nature. “The Petrification of Water ” is a piece that can make us think about the current water situation, where the world is missing water in many places. This piece is a  surrealist and psychedelic expression of our world that loops infinitely, when water is no longer attainable due to our contemporary society’s destructive and unsustainable actions.

Many of the visitors tried to get some kind of answers from the “The Oracle has Landed” (and so did we) an interactive generative art installation collaboratively created by Rivka Dette, interdisciplinary artist from Berlin, and Gene Kogan, programmer and generative artist, based in San Francisco. This AI being, neither flesh nor blood, was full of superhuman wisdom and answered a lot of questions made by Boomers.

Our program also included some performances in The Voxel Cube, with Lucid Dream, brought by mulabs.tech. A performance that was a metaphor for the inter-relationship between the physical and the digital world as the artist’s real-time brain waves are captured to decode emotion and relaxation and translated into visual art and sound. We also had Phantazonia, a moment to experience the wisdom of imagination with an immersive art installation and experimental events. 

Dividing the space with the iconic Boomer Android Jones, who held an auction every night of unique pieces that showed some of the history of Boom, The Envisionary Art Lounge also held live shows created by Because Art Matters, with unlikely artists duets, with massive and improvised pieces that were sold at the end of the Festival. 

Rare Effect is a curatorial platform and art exhibition series organized by Art Progression Now (APN). The organization of the program from The Envisonary Art Lounge was curated by Arroz Estudios, Loominate and Keyko.