Rare Effect vol1. Exhibition

Bringing Crypto to the Arts: New DAO Hosts First Exhibition

In the wake of the recent pandemic, and with lockdowns being extended in Europe and across the world – Culture and the Arts have come under persistent existential threat – and the structures that once supported artists in their livelihood are all but crumbling. 

Perhaps there exists an alternative, however, for artists, collectors and the general public to revive the arts. For better, or for worse, we are currently witnessing a major evolution in the way people and institutions transact with art and performances, a phenomenon that has been facilitated by the advent of blockchain technology, Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and the emergence of Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs). 

As a newly formed Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), Art Progression Now is a rapidly growing “community of creatives & developers working to advance digital and crypto arts in the interest of artists and the cultural sector”. Their first exhibition, Rare Effect, will be hosted at Arroz Estudios, a cultural venue in Lisbon, which is set to become the first physical exhibition space for rare digital art pieces and crypto enabled performances in Lisbon.

Rare Effect invites visitors to explore society’s relationship to art through the lens of crypto-economics; the concepts Rare, Fair & Rekt, terms which are prevalent in DeFi subculture, form the conceptual basis for the exhibition. Ownership and exchange of digital assets, the provenance of art, asset tokenization, scarcity, and speculation will all become hands-on experiments during this unique interactive event. It will be broadcast live in VR on the Crypto Voxels platform, and visitors will be able to interact with the art on display, installations, and performances through the use of cryptocurrency and a digital wallet, which will be provided for the event. 

Rare Effect features a combination of visual projections, 2D & 3D digital displays, (AR & VR) exhibits, as well as performance art and live streams. The program includes exhibitions from the reknowned crypto artists burst_ and abysms, the new into crypto Erica Doo and Sandra Araújo having the UK techno & garage heavyweight Mosca and Desterronics assuring the music is aligned with the immersive Rare Effect experience. It also includes interviews to artists as the Italian sculpturist Federico Clapis and talks from the partners approaching relevant topics in the field.

Organized in partnership with Arroz Estudios, Keyko, Linum Labs, Loominate, Mintbase, Metaxu Labs and Crypto Briefing – all innovators in the Web3 and DeFi space with a passion for culture and the arts – this exhibition will showcase international and local artists from both the traditional and crypto art space.

Join us in this experiment, as we explore how blockchain technology has the potential to create a fairer marketplace for artists, and how it may fundamentally change our approach to ownership and distribution of art!

Check the full program here.

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