Rare Effect Vol. 3 – Crypto Art Festival returns to Arroz Estúdios

Volume 3 of Europe’s first crypto art festival brings together more than 90 artists, from October 27 to November 6, at Arroz Estúdios. 

Rare Effect challenges and explores the relationship between physical and digital space, creating a bridge to the metaverse. In Vol. 3 , the festival will feature more than 90 national and international artists, including interactive installations and performances, with virtual reality, augmented reality, light installations and sculptures. The program also features 10 days of music, with recognized artists, panels on crypto art, Web3 and cryptocurrencies.

Staying true to the philosophy of presenting the possibilities of future technologies to local and international artists and creatives, Rare Effect Vol. 3 brings innovative exhibitions, will share the use of tokenization/NFTs and crypto wallets, as well as provoke visitors to interact with art installations and break through some of the existing barriers between what is physical and what is digital. 

This year’s edition also seeks to raise awareness about the issues surrounding migration. “Migration is happening all around us. It is part of the annual cycle of many animals and is necessary for our acceleration in the technological world. As humans, we have developed the ability to migrate, but this is not always a privilege granted to all of us,” maintain the organizers.  

Rare Effect was envisioned, conceived and built from a community of artists, creators and enthusiasts from around the world. We are more than a festival and have maintained the same mission since the first edition, Rare Effect, Vol. 1, held in February 2021. We are the materialization of the digital, a sandbox for ideas and creation, an event to stimulate experimentation. 

You can buy your ticket online through the SeatLabNFT app, available for Android and iOs. Register your account on the app and find Rare Effect.