Rare Effect vol2 – an NFT Festival

Europe’s first NFT Festival taking place this May in Lisbon

Starting on May 12th, Arroz Estudios, will host Rare Effect Vol 2. a 10 day International NFT Festival, featuring a digital art exhibition and live music performances.The event will combine 2D & 3D digital displays, AR & VR exhibits, as well as performance art and live streamed music acts. The program includes artworks from Gene Kogan, burst_, Technological Hippie, Sean Mick, Miguel Rodrigues + Grandpa’s Lab, Sylvain Souklaye & Will Da Costa, as well as performances from Mim Suleiman, Mosca, Ransom Note (w/ Bawrut, Lakuti & Manfredas), Violet b2b Photonz & DAO Records.

Rare Effect Vol 2 is a digital art exhibition & music festival curated by Art Progression Now, a borderless collective working towards open, fair and distributed support systems for artists. The event follows a first successful digital edition which took place during a lockdown in mid-February, and reached over 500,000 people worldwide. This second edition will be hosted at Arroz Estudios, an artist residency and cultural venue located in the port area of Lisbon’s Beato District.

Rare Effect Vol 2 will be tokenized and gamified, the aim being to provide an educational experience to the public regarding cryptocurrency and decentralized technology. Visitors will be provided with a digital wallet containing an exhibition cryptocurrency to interact with the art on display. Ownership and exchange of digital assets, scarcity and speculation will all become hands-on experiments during this unique interactive event. Workshops and talks will also be part of the 10-day event. 

The festival seeks to raise awareness of the current existential threat facing grassroots cultural associations & DIY music venues. The aim is to directly support the venue and contributing artists by facilitating the sale of digital art through tokenized digital certificates of provenance, commonly known as NFTs. As such, artist submissions have been peer reviewed by the community and any proceeds from the exhibitions will go towards supporting further cultural initiatives.

Having attracted a broader international community of artists and collectors alike, including features from Shanghai, Paris, Lisbon, Lima and New York  the festival will also take place virtually in an online metaverse. Here, digital visitors will be invited to browse and collect the artworks on display in a virtual gallery and enjoy the live streamed performances.The exhibition, which explores society’s relationship to the consumption of art through the lens of crypto-economics, seeks to narrow the gap between the virtual and the physical art worlds. 

Festival partners include Arroz Estudios, Keyko, Metaxu Labs, Loominate, Molecule, Digital Renaissance, Ransom Note, Crypto Briefing & DAO Records. Participation, patronage and partnership opportunities are still available to creatives and organizations with interest in Web3 technology and digital art.  

Facebook event: https://fb.me/e/v3A9umOs 

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Check the full program!

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