Vicente Ramos # Residency project

Vicente Ramos


Residency period: June – July 2022

Bio: originally from Brazil, Vicente graduated in performing arts, majoring in theater direction. His work is developed based on research and it’s intrinsically connected to political issues in contemporary Brazil, with special attention to the recent history of the country.

Residency purpose: During his residency, Vicente created Algazarra #1, a performative activation of a sound installation. This performance is part of the project Vozes do Rossio that Vicente has been developing based on interviews conducted around the Dom Pedro IV statue, located in the center of Lisbon. Algazarra #1 counts with the participation of the performer-choreographers Andrei Bessa, Leonor Mendes and Roberto Dagô who, together with Vicente, explored the topographic possibilities of the installation. 
Outcome and involvement with NEAR – Protocol: Vicente is closing his research project and working together with his mentor to best integrate the project in the NEAR ecosystem.